In addition to web design, I also provide a logo design service and web content creation for the best SEO results

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Website design is a comprehensive project that includes several essential elements. I will work with the client to ensure we achieve the best results in these areas:

Colors and visual identity

Choosing the colors and the basic look or impression we want to achieve on our website.


Creating a logo that is in line with the company’s mission and vision.
Redesign the existing logo to achieve a harmonious look on the website.

Creating content for your website

If we want to achieve the best results with your website, it is crucial to prepare quality content. It should describe your services or products, present the value you offer, and emphasize how you stand out from the competition.
The content is also important for the so-called “SEO – Search Engine Optimization”, or website optimization for search engines such as Google. Through quality content, we can emphasize the so-called “keywords” that are relevant to a particular topic, or words that people most often type into search tools. Researching which keywords are more or less in trend is also part of this task.

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Web design

Details that are essential to stand out. Settings that ensure the best performance.

Logo design

A logo that will fit perfectly into the look of a new website. Redesign of the existing logo

Content creation

The content of the website that brings the best results and visits to your website