Take a look at some of my projects

Project 001

Website design for Chicago-based It consulting company, AquariusIQ.
I created blog templates, image and graphic designs for social networks Instagram and Facebook.

SEO tool setup for proper SEO results.
Google Analytics integration

Project 002
Website design for Gumbek kindergarten.
The project request was a possibility of instant selection of contrasts, font sizes, in accordance with the guidelines “Accessibility of content” for visually impaired people. Customizable design according to the device on which the website is viewed.

Domain and hosting setup. Proper SEO for the best search results

Project 003
Website design for accounting business “Buzgo Aktiva”.
Logo design. Development of responsive design, for different screen sizes.

Migration to server, automatic backup system setup.
Proper SEO setup for the best search results.

Project 004
Another kindergarten website development. Logo design according to their name and which means “bee” in Croatian, so check out some bees on this design. A gentle color palette makes this website a unique kindergarten website.

“Accessibility tool” for visually impaired people. Responsive design for different screen sizes.
SEO optimization, video tutorial for clients.

Project 005
Website design for Eudox Systems software solution. The project also included logo redesigning, creation of a new color palette. Responsive design according to the device on which the website is viewed.

SEO Yoas tool for the best search results, Google Analytics integration, email contact from setup.

Project 006
E-commerce development for Croatian fashion designer Ana Žarković. Logo and color palette design. The website is fully responsive for all screen sizes. Credit card payment integration.
What makes this design unique, are the original drawings from the designer, placed on some of the backgrounds. With that, we created a unique and yet romantic and feminine look and feel.

Project 007

Website design for painting and plastering business “Obrt Petrović”. Responsive design for all devices. The client requested a logo redesign and an individual contact form, in order to receive customized projects queries.

Domain and hosting setup. SEO and keyword setup,

Project 008

Website redesign of an html page for physiological counseling center “CKBT, Zagreb, Croatia”.
For this project it was crucial to maintain a Google ranking which was very high since they had a website for a long time. I created a new website with a modern design, responsive to all devices with no loss of ranking.

Project 009
Website development for a seaside holiday home, Villa Adria. The website has 3 languages, a booking contact form, and blue/yellow color palette.

The project included also a simple logo design and responsive view for all devices. We also did a hosting and domain setup, email setup, integration of SEO tool, and Google Analytics integration.

Project 010
Website design and development for Terriero Company. They work on architectural solutions and the integration of aids for visually impaired people.

The project included logo design, SEO settings implementation, project portfolio review. The website is developed for responsive view on all devices. The Accessibility tool for the visually impaired has been implemented as well.

Project 011

Website design for Antiage Detox, ayurvedic consultation services.

The project included: Logo design, setting up SEO tools, meta text. Responsive view on all devices.

The website is a bilingual version (HR-EN). Also, the client has online consultations, so we implemented a payment system with a quick payment button, for “MyPos” card payment.

Project 012

Website design for the consulting company Osirix consulting. Graphic design for service description, project portfolio creation.

The project also included the SEO setup for the best Google search results. Hosted on AWS Lightsail servers.

Project 013

Website development for the Croatia-based bookkeeping and accounting service “Saldo nova”.
SEO setup for the best Google search results. Responsive view for all devices, contact form implementation, backup system setup.

Project 014

Website design for the flooring business “Opi parketi”. Customized design and color palette according to the existing logo.
The project also included an SEO setup for the best Google search results. Contact form, and graphic design for social networks.

Project 015

Website redesign for the software product Callplan. The project included also graphics and icons design. The website is responsive on all devices.
Also, the templates for blog articles were designed.